Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chocolate Chip Brownies

What happens when you combine two of the most favorite desserts out there?

Meet, the Chocolate Chip Brownie.  Part chocolate chip cookie.  Part brownie.  100% delicious.

I found this idea on the back of a box of something...I think it was a boxed Betty Crocker brownie mix.  I can't remember.  But it looked extremely unhealthy, so I figured I'd make it.

Now, you can choose to make this one of two ways.  You can do like me, and use boxed mixes**.  Or, you can make your own brownie and chocolate chip cookie mix from scratch.  Whichever way you prefer.

However you choose to make it, the procedure is still the same.

First, you want to prepare both the brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough.  Then, pour the brownie mixture into a prepared baking dish.  Then take about a tablespoon of the cookie dough...

...and plop it on top of the brownies, like this:

You see my neat baking dish?  For Christmas one year my parents got me two of these square muffin pans and I love them.  They make perfectly portioned brownies and cakes.  If you are interested in buying you own, they got them from Kohls.  But I am sure you can find them online or at any other store.

Anywho, bake the brownies according to the package/recipe directions.  Now you will notice that you have some left over cookie dough.  Perfect for making some cookies!

The brownies will come out looking like this:

Once they are cooled, you can frost and enjoy!

Now go bake your own batch.  You'll thank me later.  You're welcome.

**I made these gluten-free by using the Gluten-Free Betty Crocker mixes.


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